WISH GRANTED for child who entered foster system with nothing but a plastic bag.

We received the following wish from an employee of the Division of Youth and Family Services in Camden:
Dear BK,
I am writing on behalf of one of our male youths and his name is Amir. He is a loveable, energetic 9 years old and just had a birthday before going into the Divisions custody. Coming into resource care, he was provided a trash bag by his  primary caregiver with less the a weeks’ worth of clothing and no toys. Being a 9 year old, he still enjoys toys and often speaks of gaming. He was not able to leave with any toys and he really enjoys to play with video games. He really enjoys, video games, remote control cars/trucks, Lego, Marvel characters etc. He also enjoys sports such as football and basketball. If he was granted a wish, he would love a Nintendo Switch. He would be able to travel wherever he goes and have easy access. Because of his transitions in resource care he would benefit from a mobile system.  Thank you for your consideration in lifting his spirits and we hope to make his vibrate smile he has even brighter.
You know how much we love to help foster children. That being said, we bought Amir the Switch gaming system, a Mario Kart game for the system, 7 pairs of shorts, 5 shirts and a pair of sneakers since he needed clothes too. Thank you for all you do for the kids.
Stock photo to preserve confidentiality.