New Wish

Rosa is a mother of 6 kids including 2 sets of twins ages 3 & 8 months. Rosa submitted a wish for her 3 year old son Adrian. Rosa explained that Adrian is blind and as such, his disability presents various obstacles.

One of the obstacles Rosa has been dealing with is having to leave Adrian behind on some family outings such as family walks.  Having to leave baby Adrian home absolutely breaks Rosa’s heart but managing all the children/babies on something as simple as a walk is so very hard and can be dangerous. Rosa figured out a way to include Adrian on family walks & other outings in a safe way – with a 4-person travel wagon. Only problem is they run about $500 for a good quality one and the family just can’t afford it.

The thought of this precious little boy’s blindness prohibiting him from participating and bonding with his siblings on family walks was just too much for us to hear. So we granted Rosa’s wish today with one of the best 4-person wagons on the market! Adrian will never have to miss a family outing again!

Congrats Rosa! Enjoy your wagon and send us some pics on your next walk.