Amy Peterson & her kids were living in a hotel indefinitely. She already put out 3-4 thousand dollars for clothes, hotels, meals, etc. and there was no end in sight to it. On the morning of 5/6/2023 a fire ravaged the family’s home & belongings and a week later, the insurance adjuster had not yet even made it out for an initial assessment of damages. Insurance will cover some but not all they lost. There was so much the family still needed immediately, but where would the money come from?

According to Amy “this has been an absolute nightmare to navigate & we don’t even have answers yet to be able to make a decision as to what’s next.”

Unbeknownst to Amy, what was next was her good friend Melissa reaching out to Bianca”a Kids with a wish for help for her good friend.

During our vetting process something unexpected was discovered. While her name wasn’t familiar to us, Amy Peterson was someone we knew well. We knew her as Amy Petrie, the beautiful stranger who reached out to us over a decade ago when we were a brand new organization, offering to work as our photographer for FREE. Amy had worked for us on a volunteer basis for years, but we hadn’t seen her in a number of years and she had since changed her name to her married name. What a small world.

We granted this wish for this most deserving woman and family with a check for $5.000.00. Amy had the money in her hand that same day and could not have been more touched and appreciative.

To be able to reach out a helping hand to someone who needed it so badly and who selflessly helped us so many times when we needed her, is such a gift.

Amy, we will be keeping you and your family in our prayers. May you be back in your house and on your feet in no time.

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