WISH GRANTED – What happens when your child gets an educational opportunity of a lifetime, but you can’t afford the thousands of dollars it costs? You call on Bianca’s Kids! Meet Joseph.

Here is the wish we received via our website:
Dear Bianca’s Kids,

My son Joseph is a ten year old boy in fifth grade. Throughout his school years, he has always excelled. Not only does he excel in school, he is well-rounded socially and plays hockey and baseball. He is also a fabulous big brother taking care of his younger sister and brother. This year, Joseph was nominated with only seventeen other kids from Camden County to attend NYLF Pathways to Stem at Rider University. It is a six-day program specializing in robotics, CSI investigation, and hands on engineering projects. Joseph is very interested in engineering and math, he hopefully will go into that career path one day. We are so proud of Joseph for this accomplishment. Even when times are tough, we always find a way to give him what he needs, but this program costs $3100 and is unfortunately something we cannot afford. We both work hard and provide for our kids but extras aren’t always in our budget. I believe this program is essential for Joseph to attend. He is very intelligent and creative, this opportunity will be a look into his future for him. I know he will do great things and giving him the tools in able to succeed is a parents greatest job.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to hear from you soon.