Who We Are

A Message From Our President

I established Bianca’s Kids in 2010 in memory of my niece Bianca Yodice, who was a pedestrian killed in an automobile accident in August 2010. Bianca loved and worked with children. She had a special place in her heart for kids who suffer from separation anxiety and other emotional-related issues.

My goal with Bianca’s Kids was simple – to help as many foster, sick and needy children possible in Bianca’s memory. Bianca’s Kids grants wishes to children/teens ages 0-18 who are struggling due to emotional, physical or financial issues. Since 2010, our organization has touched the lives of over 25,000 kids.

When I created Bianca’s Kids, I wanted to provide supporters the confidence they needed in donating their hard earned money to our cause. It was imperative to provide anyone who supported Bianca’s Kids a transparency that allowed them to actually see their donation dollars at work. Accordingly, at any given moment, a Bianca’s Kids’ supporter can look at our social media pages and see how their donations are changing the lives of so many children in real time.

In this life, everyone is provided an opportunity to become someone’s hero. Bianca’s Kids makes it easy for anyone to take advantage of their opportunity.

– Debbie Savigliano