We received the following wish from a DYFS employee by the name of Danielle for one of her foster kids we will call Julian.  As foster children are in the custody of the State, their identities must remain confidential. Here is Danielle’s wish:
Dear Bianca’s Kids:
Julian recently entered placement and has been having difficulty adjusting. He is a nonverbal 7 year old boy who has a traumatic brain injury and has Autism. We have been looking for ways to help Julian adjust to his new environment and find a way for him to communicate with his resource parents. We would love for Julian to have a PEC board which is a communication board or some type of tablet that he would be able to use to communicate with his resource parents, case worker or medical staff. Julian could use some soft sensory toys and some clothes that are cotton only in size 7/8. We are unable to upload a picture because of confidentiality. Thank you so much for considering Julian’s wish!
Not only did we consider Julian wish but we granted it and while Danielle wished or a PEC board or a tablet, we bought him BOTH. This poor child needs to be heard and an iPad can provide him the communication he needs for many years to come.  As Julian needed some clothes and can only wear 100% cotton clothing due his skin sensitivity, we also bought him 4 pairs of shorts, 4 tops and a pair of Pajamas.
Danielle, thank you for your wish. Everything is on the way to your office for Julian.