Single Mother who suffered violent carjacking with her children gets help from Bianca’s Kids

Last week a single mother who had 3 of her kids in the car with her, a two week old infant, a one year old baby and a 12 year old with special needs, suffered a violent carjacking attack.
The perpetrators beat her and tried forcing her & her kids to remain in the car with them. Somehow, by the grace of God, this mother fought the 2 men off long enough to grab her 2 babies and 12 yr old out of the car but not before they took off dragging her and 2 the babies down the street. Mom and children all sustained physical injuries that kept them hospitalized for 3 days. The physical injuries may heal but the mental injuries and PTSD will never leave them.
The perpetrators took her only means of transportation, both car seats and strollers for the babies, her purse, baby bag, food shopping she just completed and the little bit of baby formula she was able to find for the baby given the formula shortage. She was devastated at the thought that she will never be able to replace all she lost and worked so hard for.
Well, that is where we stepped in. We know this woman personally and we did what BK always does. Helped this scared family get back on their feet.
We blessed the family with a $1,000 check for immediate use and we replaced the car seats, stroller, baby bag and even managed to find several cans of the exact formula she needed for the newborn. We threw in some diapers and wipes for good measure.
We live in a sad a violent society. Our hearts and prayers remain with this family as they recover from this nightmare. We have kept their identity confidential as the perpetrators know where they live and have not been apprehended yet.