BIG WISH GRANTED for Special Needs Mom. No More Sleepless Nights for Dawn & Carter.

We received a wish from a desperate mother (Dawn) of a special needs child (Carter).   Dawn has been going through so much. Her husband became sick and had to leave the home for months to get well which means she is alone to work and care for all her children, including Carter who has autism. On top of all this, this poor woman had not had a full night sleep in months for fear Carter would wake up and leave the house or start a fire or both. Things Carter had done in the past.
Carter needed a special enclosed bed that would keep him safe at night. A specialty bed made for kids like him that is completely  tented/enclosed & secured so he can’t leave at night. Problem was these special needs beds cost several thousands of dollars. There was no way Dawn could afford one.
The stress Dawn suffered and the risk to Carter was too much for us to think about so we granted this wish for this very deserving mom & child. Carter’s specialty bed has been ordered and paid for by Bianca’s Kids (cost $3,000.00). Thanks to you our dear donors, this family’s quality of life is greatly improved and there will be no more nighttime risk to sweet Carter or sleepless nights for mom.
Sleep sound Dawn. You need & deserve it!
Special thanks to Abram’s Nation, LLC  for their help with this wish.