Mother of precious little boy whose story of unemployment due to Covid-19 was featured on CNN gets a little blessing from Bianca’s Kids

Opal Foster is the loving mother of an adorable little boy named Jeremiah who has Down Syndrome. She was featured in a story on CNN this week that some of our board members saw & were touched by.

Opal is a graphic designer who lost her job 2 weeks ago due to Covid-19. Like a million other Americans, Opal is waiting on unemployment checks which are delayed due to the number of people filing for benefits. In the meantime, there is no income but bills still need to be paid and Jeremiah needs to be fed. 

Our focus right now is not to grant lavish wishes to help people like Opal pack their fridges or pay a bill or two.  To that end, we are sending Opal $300 to help her with groceries this month. 

Stay strong Opal! We WILL get through this together, 

Opal Foster

If anyone else would like to send this beautiful family some monetary help you can do that by sending it through Paypal to

Thank you!