🎅🏼Working man & sole provider of family on the brink of losing everything receives a big Christmas blessing from Bianca’s Kids.

Don is a hardworking man with 2 young boys and a little girl due in April. Don has faced adversity in his younger years and has been a dad since he’s 17 years old. He has grown into a hardworking family man who lives for his children.

This young dad of soon to be 3 kids needed a miracle.  His work truck needed $3,000 in repairs. That’s $3,000 more than he had and without his truck he can’t work. If Don can’t work he can’t pay his rent or truck payments. Everyday he missed work Don got deeper into debt and despair. He feared he would lose his truck and home in a matter of a month or two. As the sole provider of his family, there was nowhere for Don to turn.

Lucky for Don, we heard about his story and we showed up at his house today & surprised him with a check for $3,000 to pay for his truck repairs. Have you ever seen a tough working man cry? We have and we did today.  The relief, humility and gratitude on this man’s face was palpable. He called it a Christmas miracle and something he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Nothing makes us happier than solving a major problem for a worthy family. This my friends is what Christmas is all about!

Have a very Merry Christmas Don. Wishes and prayers do come true!