This wish involves a mother and son.
There are few things more traumatic on a child than having to witness their mother be physically abused by their spouse for years. The stress, anxiety and helplessness children feel can last a lifetime.  Today’s  Wish Recipient is one of those kids.   Given the circumstances of this wish all names are being withheld to ensure their physical safety.
This Christmas wish came to us from a third-party. The mom was involved in a physically abusive relationship for many years. She finally collected the nerve to get out and is in need of so much. Mom and son had to escape her abuser in the middle of the night, leaving everything they owned behind.  Mother and child are currently in therapy trying to put the pieces of their lives back together and heal.
Most pressing for mom at this time was a laptop computer for her son for school and clothing for school. The other thing that had mom stressing was the fact that she couldn’t buy her son anything for Xmas. It saddened mom greatly to think her boy would have nothing to
open on Xmas morning as she knows her son has suffered enough due to the relationship she was in.
We granted this wish with a laptop for son and $1,000 for mom to buy Christmas gifts, Christmas dinner and  a new school wardrobe for her child.
It’s not all this family needs but it’s a start and this precious boy will find everything he asked Santa for under the tree this year. 😊
Your donation dollars at work dear friends. This is what Christmas is all about.!