Here is the wish we received:
I am reaching out on behalf of my nephew Travis who is 12 years old. During his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and now his own little nephew, Stanley, (aka “Stosh”) who absolutely idolizes his Uncle Trav!
Travis has a tremendous heart and always wants to be with his family and close friends. Travis however has been through battles in his life and just living as a kid has not been easy. Travis has been pushed to grow up much faster than a normal 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 year old would. Besides the normal phases kids may go through such as bullies, homework, and other common challenges many kids face, Travis always faced a little more through the years. One of the more significant was about three years ago, Travis’ mother suffered an accident where she was electrically shocked by a stove while cooking dinner for the family. When she fell and hit her head, she suffered a severe concussion followed by years of unexpected and unpredictable seizures. It was not until a couple months ago that Travis and the family finally found out his mother was diagnosed with Gliosis and is facing brain surgery for removal of a glial scar, which only occurs in the most severe of cases.
Through that entire period of waiting for answers, Travis stood by his mother and helped her through the daily struggles and cared for her when she needed it. Through that time, Travis also endured many emotions, many moments of heart break, and trying to simply grow up as a kid in a different world, but has done just that – grown above it and has refused to let it defeat him. Seeing his growth through the years has been an incredibly journey to watch. Now with becoming an Uncle, we have all witnessed Travis’ heart grow even bigger when he spends time with his little Stosh.
Travis has been faced with challenges and fears no child should ever have to face, but continues to press on and push forward as giving up is not an option to him. Travis continues to be the best son, uncle, cousin, friend, dedicated athlete, team mate, and student.
Right now I am reaching out to ask for your help in granting a wish to Travis. Our sole wish is for Travis to be filled with the happiness, positivity and hope that he has shown us through his own growth. While he tends to be the shy and silent type when he struggles, we want to show him how much love he has surrounding him and support for both him and his mother as they embark on this huge step together in saving their family. From his mother’s medical issues rendering her unable to work and provide for her family, they struggle to get the normal things needed just to live day by day let alone go out on a vacation and go on day trip or family adventure. While possessions and items do not buy happiness, it is the stability and having those little things most important that make each day a little easier and in turn, gives more hope, positivity and happiness.
I truly thank you for your time in reading this.
Love, Aunt Amanda
Dear Amanda,
We are happy to tell you that we are granting your wish for Travis with a check for $2,000 to help his mom cover some bills while she is out of work and to provide Travis whatever he needs at this time. We are sure you are very proud of Travis and so are we. We will be keeping him & his mom in our thoughts and prayers.
Much love from all of us at Bianca’s Kids.