Severely abused foster child gets wish granted from Bianca’s Kids.

We received a very painful wish from a DYFS caseworker today for a foster child they recently recovered and removed from his home. As this young boy is in the State’s care & custody, everything about him must remain confidential.
What we can tell you is that today’s wish recipient is a 13yr old boy who has dealt with physical abuse at the hands of those who were supposed to protect him. He is autistic.  Our precious boy wished for a Nintendo Switch with a Minecraft game for his upcoming birthday.
Sure, most kids wish for these expensive electronic toys but our boy is different. He never had one. In fact, he never had the joy of ANY toys because he’s been denied all toys by his mother as a form of punishment.  There simply are no words for parents like this. None.
We are told he is truly a special young boy and this would help with his behaviors. Needless to say not only did we grant this wish but we expedited it to the top of our wishlist. He will have his wish in a day or two.
Donors, thank you. Thank you for donating to our cause and allowing us to help heal and bless children like this.
May God bless and protect this young boy for the rest of his life.