🍩 WISH GRANTED for 3 year old entrepreneur who wants to be a baker. Meet C’or. 🧁

We received a wish from a loving mother named Schae. Schae’s wish was for her adorable little girl C’ior. C’ior is 3 years old and packed with personality. C’ior is obsessed with baking and has started a kid’s YouTube channel to introduce everyone to her adorable self and her baking abilities.

Schae explained that C’ior not only loves to bake but wants to start her own business selling her baked treats and wished for a stand in which to sell and show off her goodies. However, the family is going through some financial struggles at this time.

If you know us you know that we love to support the dreams and careers of our wish recipients. To that end, we took it a step further when granting this wish. Not only are we gifting our little entrepreneur with this fabulous cookie selling stand but we got her the best kids’ baking book we could find and every piece of baking equipment C’ior little hands will need to pursue her passion and creating her delicious masterpieces.

Good luck C’ior! We are looking forward to being your very first customers.