WISH GRANTED to make the life of a 22-month-old little girl who can’t walk or talk well a little easier. Meet Emmalynne

We received a wish from Kayla for her baby Emmalynne. Like many Americans today, Kayla is finding it hard to make ends meet. Having children is expensive. Having special needs children is even more expensive.
Kayla explained that Emmalynne can’t walk or talk well. She added that finances are tight so its hard for her to provide her child with everything she needs. Kayla really just wanted to give her baby something special with everything she is going though.
Kayla wished for a specialized wagon for Emmalynne’s appointments and hospital stays that are coming up soon. These wagons can be life-changers for children who struggle to walk. Getting a child to/from a doctors office in a hospital is something most of us take for granted. It is, at times, a backbreaking endeavor for the special needs parent.
We granted Kayla’s wish for Emmalynne today. Her specialty wagon will be at her door in the next week or two.
Your donation dollars at work dear supporters. 😊