The 2021 Bianca’s Kids Scholarship goes to…..

Each year we search high and low for the one student in NJ who has given back to their community the most through Bianca’s Kids. In 2021, the selection was a no-brainer.

Williamstown High’s Elianna Raab has been volunteering for BK by managing our Bianca’s Closet at her high school for several years. The closet was a passion of Elianna’s and it showed. It looked like and was run like an upscale boutique. The reason for this was because Elianna wanted her fellow & less fortunate classmates to feel good about themselves when they went to Bianca’s Closet to get a free prom dresses. She put so much of her blood, sweat and tears into the project. No one took more pride in Bianca’s Closet than Elianna. She helped so many girls get the dress of their dreams.

It is for this reason that we awarded Elianna with a $500.00 scholarship to help her with dorm or book costs for college. Please show our scholarship winner some love. She sure deserves it!

Thank you for all your hard work Elianna. You will be missed. Good luck on your future endeavors.