⭐️3 YEAR OLD NONVERBAL CHILD RECEIVES GIFT OF COMMUNICATION. Meet today’s wish revipient – Olivia.⭐️

We received a wish from a mom named Hermila for her beautiful 3 year old daughter – Olivia. Olivia has autism and is nonverbal. Hermila’s wish read as follows:

Dear Bianca’s Kids:
I wish I could afford an AAC device for Olivia’s communication. She’s non verbal and it will help a lot with her communicating her needs and wants. I’m a single mom and cannot afford it, lost my job due to COVID and I’m only working part time right now , I also have 3 other kids to care for. This device will literally be Olivia’s voice.
Hermila, we are thrilled to grant your wish & gift Olivia a Galaxy Talk tablet Speech Bundle by Android. This AAC device is going to change her life and yours. Send us an update when you can.