WISH GRANTED for teen with Autism & VSD struggling with isolation. Meet Hannah.

We reviewed a wish from a loving mom worried about her precious 15-year-old daughter Hannah.

Hannah was born with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which is a developmental disability that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges and VSD or ventricular septal defect which is a heart defect most often present at birth, but can occur in adults after surgery or a heart attack. It involves a hole in the wall between the heart’s lower chambers. Hannah had open heart surgery as a child that caused delays throughout her whole life. Today, due to Covid-19 and her underlying heart condition, Hannah has been stuck in the house for a year. Teens with autism can already feel isolated. Covid & her medical issues have exasperated that feeling for Hannah.

Hannah’s mom wished for her daughter to have supplies, games and creative things to keep Hannah occupied & motivated and to boost her feeling of self worth during isolation. Things she can do while at home in her safe zone so she can feel happy and creative and not so depressed about being home and not in the real world. Hannah misses being around others and Mom wanted to help get her child out of the horrible slump she’s in due to isolation.

We called mom today to tell her that we are granting her wish by sending Hannah a check for $300.00 so she can go on a shopping spree for all the games and creative items she likes. We felt the shopping spree alone would give her something exciting to look forward to. Not sure who was more excited Mom or Hannah.

Have fun shopping Hannah and hang in there. We should be back to normal soon. 😊


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