WISH GRANTED for 8-year-old battling depression. Meet Braelynn

Braelynn’s family has been dealing with hard times. Braelynn is just eight years old and has been experiencing depression due to covid 19. Braelynn’s mother is currently
unemployed due to health issues.

To fight her depression Braelynn likes to paint and create but given mom’s financial struggles, she can’t afford to fund Braelynn’s hobby right now. So she came to us.

We’ve received so many wishes of kids suffering from emotional issues from COVID isolation. One of the ways we can fight off depression is to keep the kids busy. So this one was easy and a no-brainer. We granted Braelynn’s wish by sending her a $150 Amazon gift card so she can order paints, canvases, paint supplies and oh yeah… A stress ball per Braelynn’s request.

Have fun creating kiddo. We’d love to see your artwork when it’s done.