13 yr old Jeremy is battling B-Cell ALL Leukemia. His mom submitted the following wish for him via our website:
Dear Bianca’s Kids,
Jeremy’s Christmas wish is for an Oculus Quest 2 (Virtual Realty  Gaming System) it is the only thing he has asked for. Jeremy is the sweetest, strongest  caring boy you could ever meet, he is the youngest of 5 , and with so much he has been going through with his treatments he never complains , even when he feels sick he doesn’t complain and on top of his medical bills, my husband is laid off from his job and money is so tight. We would love and appreciate it if his wish is granted
Thank you,
Danielle (mom)
Danielle, your wish is granted! Jeremy will be receiving one of this year’s hottest Christmas items thanks to Bianca’s Kids. We are also sending you a check to help you Xmas shop for the rest of your kids.
Merry Christmas from Bianca’s Kids. ❤