Veteran Battling Cancer & Homelessness is Helping Son Deal with Sudden Loss of His Mom. They are today’s golden ticket winners.

We received the following wish via our website:
Dear Bianca’s Kids:
My wish for Mikey (my nephew) is for a nice Christmas! His mom passed away in a car accident in April and he is living with my brother in a hotel. They are homeless! My brother is a veteran in remission from cancer  and is on disability. Mikey has three siblings he was also separated from after his mom passed! Different fathers. My brother can’t afford to do anything for him for Christmas so any help would be appreciated.
Mary, we are happy to inform you that Mikey was chosen for one of our Golden Tickets! We are sending your brother a check to go Christmas shopping for Mikey without worry. Our hope is that this will help them have a better, less stressful Christmas.