Today Marks a Decade Since Our Bianca Left Us

There are some losses you never recover from. 10 yrs ago today came the call that changed my life forever. My niece Bianca, the one I watched being born,  was hit by a car & killed on her way to work. She had just celebrated her 21st birthday. The grief was beyond any pain I had ever felt before.

At the time of her death Bianca had decided her career path. She was working with children at a daycare and would continue to pursue a career to work with special needs children.  Unfortunately, that dream to help and work with kids would never come to fruition for Bianca. But maybe, just maybe, her dream to help kids didn’t have to die with her.

It was the grief I experienced in her death & her love for children that inspired me to create Bianca’s Kids (BK). The only thing that helped fill the gaping hole in my chest from Bianca’s loss is the joy we provide sick & needy children. Every time BK grants a wish for a child, I know Bianca is smiling down from heaven.

As of today, over 25,000 kids & families are happier people thanks to Bianca. For this blessing I owe a world of thanks to my family, my board of directors, our supporters, corporate sponsors, social media followers and volunteers. I am forever grateful to you all for your ongoing love and support of our mission.

Please help us continue to make wishes come true by making a secure, tax deductible donation at

Fly high Bonky Bonks. Aunt Deb loves you.

With appreciation,

Debbie Savigliano
President of Bianca’s Kids