Here’s the request for help we got:

Dear Bianca’s Kids,
My family and I could use the help ️ my son Logan (who’s 4th birthday is tomorrow ) has had two open heart surgeries and is on fast track for his next one. I am still working, longer hours than usual, husband has reduced hours and my sons hospital bills are piling up. Because my son is immunosuppressed my husband and I are having to miss work and “decide” who “gets to go to work” that day so the other will stay home with our son. Because of this, so many bills are being put on the back burner. Recently we were told by my sons cardiologist that he should not go near any child or non immediate family member as his heart is working extra hard already. Obviously this puts extra strain on my husband and I because not only are we extremely worried about my son and his upcoming heart surgery but we ourselves have to take extra precaution, but yet need to work to bring in an income to pay the bills to take care of our family. This vicious cycle is spiraling many down, but anything would help our family right now. Thank you ️

Dear Kelsey,
We can’t imagine how much harder this pandemic and all it involves is on families like yours. Subsequently, we are granting your request for help with a check for $300. We hope it takes some pressure off you abs your husband in the next couple weeks.