In our effort to help as many families as we can during these uncertain times, we are blessing families with money for bills and/or groceries to help them get by.  Accordingly, we received a request for help from Emily.   Emily and her husband are the proud parents of their special needs son Henry. Emily advised that Henry just got a trach and she’s been his full time caregiver since he was born. Emily also informed us  that her husband just got laid off due to Covid-19 and they aren’t so sure his factory will survive after Corona is over. Emily said money was beyond tight before this layoff happened and that any little bit helps.

That being said, we are helping Emily & her loving family with a check for $300.00 to use for bills and/or groceries (wherever needed).  Emily was in tears and beyond happy for the blessing and we couldn’t be happier to do it for her.

If you know a family struggling due to Covid-19, please tag them on our page and have them follow us for upcoming posts on how they can win some help  from Bianca’s Kids. 

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