Hello Bianca’s Kids,

We are the Ellison family. We have five kids. Serenity is 9, Jackson is 7, Adalynn is 5, Colton is 3 and Gracin will be ONE in May! Our wish is really for all of our kids. Our wish is for them to have a trampoline. Or really anything fun for outdoors.

Their dad, Jacob, is a medically retired combat veteran. They have all been put through having to understand the physical and emotional struggles having a father with severe PTSD, TBI, hearing loss, and spinal cord damage gives. On top of that, Jackson and Adalynn have ADHD, which has caused them to struggle with school. Serenity has recently been diagnosed with anxiety. Colton and Gracin have several physical issues that we believe is from a genetic cause. We are currently waiting for testing to come back. They have speech, and PT therapy 4x a week. They both have acrocyanosis, high muscle tone. Gracin has an ASD heart defect that he has to have surgery to fix before he is three. He also has pulmonary valve stenosis. In addition, he has delayed swallow and delayed gastric emptying.

All of this has become our ‘normal.’ Recently our kids have had to suffer repeated losses that have triggered a lot of emotional hurts. My mom, (all of our best friend) passed away last august from stage four lung cancer. We all helped care for her. After this, in October we lost our elderly dog Scout, followed by our two beloved family ponies in November and in February. Our kids started doing equine therapy and riding to show two years ago. Now since losing their ponies, they can’t do that daily like they were.

With all of this together, it is hard to take our kids a half-hour into town to play at the park. My husband’s PTSD makes him uneasy in public places. Having outdoor play items for our kids would be a great physical help for our boys, and bring joy to them.

Thank you for considering us to receive a wish,

The Ellison Family.

Dear Ellison Family,

First and foremost, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE AND SACRIFICE. Gifting your beautiful family with an awesome new and enclosed trampoline for the kids Is the least we could do for you. We received Notification that it’s been delivered and on your doorstep as we speak. Your wish is granted. Enjoy!