Indoor Swing For Boy With Rett’s Syndrome

Dear Bianca’s Kids,

Connor is a loving, smiley, water crazy, Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica rocking four year old who has recently been diagnosed with Rett’s Syndrome as well as epilepsy and hypotonia. Though Connor is not able to walk independently yet, he LOVES movement! His favorite activity is swinging- fast and high. Connor enjoys the opportunity to stand on a platform swing in therapy and at school, while supervised, and work on his balance and core strength.

Additionally, when Connor is upset and needs to calm down, being able to rock back and forth on a swing helps to sooth him. Connor has recently started using an iPad to communicate and frequently requests to swing at home. Unfortunately, due to cold Ohio weather it’s not as simple as going outside and playing. Additionally, because of necessary time off needed in search of a diagnosis and treatment for Connor our additional funds to pay for a swing are limited. Our wish for Connor would be for a platform swing along with the necessary ceiling supports and suspension kit so that Connor could swing until his heart is content regardless of how cold it gets outside! Thank you so much for your consideration of his wish.


Conner, one indoor swing with hardware coming right up! Strengthen that core buddy!