⭐️WISH GRANTED for family in hiding from domestic violence abuser

This is a mom of 3 a week away from delivering her fourth child.

Their escape had to be abrupt. Packing any belongings would have given them away & resulted in more horrific physical and mental abuse. For a while, their car served as their home, but they would rather have a peaceful car than a violent house.

Their abuser stripped these precious children of all their belongings: their home, clothes, shoes, toys, school supplies, toiletries and electronics to name a few. The wish we received was for help in replacing some of what the family lost now that they have reached safety.

What the kids received thus far from BK:

New wardrobe for child #1
New wardrobe for child #2
New wardrobe for child #3
New underwear for all 3 kids
New sneakers for all 3 kids
New car seat for infant on the way
Cases of diapers for new baby
Cases of wipes for new baby
$50 Wawa gas card for mom

Upon receiving this delivery, Mom cried & said God answered her prayers and she felt so blessed. It was the first time she saw her kids smile in a very long time.

We are so happy we could reach out a hand and help this worthy family. We are keeping them in our prayers.

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