Dear BK,
I’m submitting a wish for my 15 year old daughter, Anjali, in the hopes that you can help bless her with a Sweet 16 Birthday party. Tragically, Anjali experienced sexual assault back in 2017. Due to this trauma, she has been diagnosed with PTSD & Depression and suffers from insomnia, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts.

Although she acted out in 2019 during middle school, I wasn’t aware of how bad the suffering was until 2020. Anjali began seeing a psychiatrist and therapist in 2020 up until today. Things got better for a couple of years, or so I thought! She excelled in school, found love for design, and established a high school internship at the University of Rhode Island. She was asked to design clothes for the Rhode Island Fashion Show on two occasions. She’s the youngest designer to present her designs.

Lamentably, all these significant achievements have not taken away the PTSD and depression she has suffered for all these years. Last week, she was admitted to the hospital and spent a week in an inpatient program. The doctor’s advice was to have her attend an intense partial program. For the next 4 weeks.

The reason I’m turning to [BK] for help is that I lost my job in June and have been faced with an extremely tough time obtaining another job. The unemployment I received ended the same week Anjali was admitted to the intake program.

Before these calamitous events, I planned a Masquerade Sweet 16th birthday party for her on March 25th. The invitations have already been sent out, and now I have no means to pay for the party. I’m fearing cancelling it, because she needs this. She deserves it! She’s a talented teenager with an immense future ahead of her. Please help me make her dream party come true.
Thank you,

Ashley, we are so incredibly sorry that you and Anjali had to suffer this horrible trauma. There is no way we can allow you to cancel the party so, we are sending you a check to cover the cost of the party venue. The party MUST GO ON! We hope you both have a great time.🎭 #sweet16 #sexualassaultawareness #survivor #partywish