WISH COMING – For boy who lost his arms and leg in a tragic accident. Meet Austin.

We have been working on a big wish for a 14 year boy named Austin who suffered the most traumatic injuries in a freak accident. Austin was just being a kid back in May. He was playing on old railroad tracks when his life changed in a second. Austin was electrocuted. He suffered severe burns over 73% of his body. His pain is unimaginable. Worse, the electrocution resulted in the amputation of both Austin’s arms and one of his legs. Autin’s road to recovery is a long one.
We received a wish a couple weeks ago from a staff member at Saint Christopher Children’s Hospital who alerted us to this inspiring young man. During his time at St Chris he made an impact on all who cared for him. Austin is still hospitalized being treated and learning how to  live his new normal.
While we can’t tell you what exactly we are doing for him before we present it to him, we can tell you that we took Austin’s wish a step further. So, the first part of his wish will make his life a little easier and enjoyable and the second part is going to THRILL him.  Our goal is to make him smile and bring some joy to this sweet boy’s life.
Finally, if you would like to follow his journey & become part of Austin’s Army, you can follow his page by clicking the link below. Stay tuned for this awesome wish. It will warm your heart & feed your soul.