⭐️WISH GRANTED – Sibling of disabled child gets her moment to be the center of attention. ⭐

We received a wish from Christina for her precious 9 year old daughter Bonnie. Christina told us:
“Bonnie is the sibling of a child with complex disabilities. All her life she coped with being in the background where her needs we’re not as important as her brother’s.. she deserves some happiness for herself and to just be a kid.”
Christina explained what we’ve come to learn over the years which is that parents with disabled children have a difficult time spreading their attention to all of their children.
Bonnie deserves a little  time  to do something special & be the center of attention. Christina explained that Bonnie has always wanted to go to Legoland but due to financial issues, this is not something she could afford.
If you know us you know that we have always granted wishes for awesome siblings like Bonnie. So this one was a no-brained. We are granting this wish with Tickets for the family to go to Legoland and enjoy a special day just for Bonnie.
Have fun & enjoy Bonnie! You deserve it! Be sure to send us pics of your day at Legoland.
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