WISH GRANTED for teen battling numerous emotional issues and disorders.

We received a wish from Christine, a loving mother to 14 year old Jamon.

Christine explained that Jamon struggles with Adhd, coping skills, anxiety and mood disorder. As if that wasn’t enough for one child, Jamon also has autism and post traumatic stress disorder from past domestic violence. As any mom with a child of even one these conditions knows, the symptoms can be overwhelming for both child and mom. Jamon is full of mixed emotions & energy and needs a safe way to release it.

Christine advised that “Jamon really enjoys jumping and flipping on a trampoline. This is one of his coping skills and it helps him with his different emotions. He has asked me to purchase one but unfortunately I can’t afford one.”

As we know the many benefits of exercise and physical activity for kids like Jamon, and if he’s found one he really benefits from, we had to grant this wish. It will undoubtedly help him cope and even give mom a much needed break here and there.

Jamon, your trampoline is on the way buddy. Enjoy it!