⭐️Our 2nd American High School scholarship winner is …. Makayla!!⭐️

This beautiful young lady dropped out of high school a couple years ago. And we are thrilled to announce that she is the 2nd Bianca’s Kids’ scholarship winner!

According to Makayla:

““I had left my school because I was dealing with a lot of mental an life problems so I had to step back, I want to go back an work hard on becoming a better person for myself because I’m a strong hard worker for wanting to make something out for myself. This HS diploma would mean everything for me knowing I can get back what I lost an go further towards my goal in life”

Thanks to our partnership with American High School Online, we are able to gift Makayla a full scholarship to obtain her high school diploma through their adult program. Our first winner just completed the course and achieved her diploma. Now, it’s Makayla’s turn. We love investing in our youth.

Go get’em Makayla! This is just the beginning of your journey