⭐️Nonverbal child with Autism gets the gift of communication. Wish granted for Michael! ⭐️

We received a wish from a mom named Wynter. Wynter explained that her beautiful 11 year old boy Michael had Autism and was nonverbal. Wynter wished for an iPad for Michael so that he could communicate her & with the world around him.

iPads are the #1 most requested items we receive because they are incredibly powerful tools to help a child who is not able to speak learn to communicate with those around him. iPads are frequently used for children who have difficulty using speech to convey their thoughts and ideas. For those children, an alternative means of communication like an iPad are so beneficial.

For all of those reasons, we granted Michael‘s wish today and we couldn’t be happier.

Enjoy Michael! Be sure to send us follow pics using your iPad. 😊