💕Precious 7-year-old girl battling brain tumor gets the one thing she’s been wishing for. Meet Zachyra.💕

Zachyrah is smart, funny, loving, kind and loves Barbies.  She is 7 year old and a patient at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia.  Zachyrah was recently diagnosed with a Ponteine Glioma -DIPG (Brian Tumor).  Due to this recent diagnosis,  she has had to spend a lot of time in the hospital & away from her siblings and friends having to go through many procedures. As you can imagine, she misses her 6 siblings at home.
Zachyra tells hospital staff every day how much she wishes she had a Barbie Dream House for her Barbies. She stares at pictures of the Barbie dream house on an iPad at the hospital.
If you know us you know that we have a very close relationship with staff members at St. Chris. They function as our elves. 😊 One of those elves sent us a wish for Zackyra for a dream house to make her hospitalization more fun for her! Needless to say, we ordered the BEST Barbie dream house we could find for our unsuspecting wish recipient. It will be delivered to her at the hospital on Thursday. We couldn’t be more excited!
Your donation dollars at work my friends. 💕