Nichole Branca is a 35 yr old married mother of 4 beautiful children. Not long ago, Nichole was living her rich & demanding life when she got the shock of her life – a diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic melanoma. Nichole stayed on top of her skin checks & didn’t spend time in the sun so this diagnosis came out of nowhere. Testing showed tumors in Nichole’s 4th + 5th ribs, 3 in her breasts, 3 in her lungs, and 6 in her brain. She does her best to remain positive while she fights for her life.  Nichole wants nothing more than to live out her life with her husband Jimmy and to watch her children grow up. Small things are big things now.
Jimmy works in construction and between furloughs and having to be home to care for his children while Nichole receives treatment or is hospitalized, the couple lost their health insurance and were forced to elect COBRA which costs them a whopping $1,700 a month!
We wanted to help Nichole and her family this Christmas. We were informed that the children were taken care of by others so we focused on mom and dad. We called Nichole today to notify her that Bianca’s Kids would be paying a month of her COBRA insurance for her.  She sobbed. 🥲
In addition to the $1,700 from Bianca’s Kids , our friends at Integrity Automotive in Williamstown, New Jersey wanted to partner with us on this special wish. Integrity blessed Nichole with a $500 Shoprite gift card, a $100 Home Depot gift card for Jimmy, a warm and cozy robe and a gift card for a pedicure so Nicole could pamper herself. Christmas magic!
Christmas miracles come in all shapes and sizes and this one will help Nichole better enjoy her holiday this year. Our job here is done.
🎅🏼Merry Christmas Branca Family. May God bless and watch over all of you.