Daughter of single mom was left with a severe brain injury after a drowning accident. Today, we support her mission to prevent other children from suffering the same tragedy.

​Jewel (Juji) was just 2 1/2 years old when she nearly died in a hotel pool drowning accident. This little angel was left with a severe brain injury, cerebral palsy, not able to walk or talk and in need of 24/7 care.

Juji’s mom Jernica is a single mom of six. This wonder woman doesn’t just care for all six of her kids,  but has dedicated her life to raising awareness to avoiding brain injuries from drownings through her nonprofit organization “A Rare Jewel” in Camden, NJ. Jernica provides kids and toddlers with free swimming vest to help prevent drownings/brain injuries. We adore this woman and her mission so much. Today we donated 15 toddler life jackets to Jernica and A Rare Jewel.

This world could use a few more Jernicas.