High school dropout & victim of years of horrific bullying gets a second chance at an education from Bianca’s Kids.

Our 18 yr old wish recipient, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been a victim of horrific bullying and public humiliation since she started middle school.  She had been victimized for so long that by her sophomore year in high school, she couldn’t take it anymore.  She dropped out of school. She has endured so much & as a result suffers from anxiety, social phobias and depression.  This young lady is so smart and was such a good student, but she was not safe and not able to thrive in traditional school.

What this beautiful young lady wants more than anything is her High School diploma. We figured out a way to make that happen. Bianca’s Kids is gifting her a scholarship for an online accredited high school! This way, she can get her diploma from home where she feels safe. Our girl could not be more excited.

There is no greater gift than the gift of education. Every child has the right to learn and thrive in a safe environment. Our young lady is on her way to moving a few mountains.