WISH GRANTED for 5 yrs old with Down Syndrome & Hypotonia (decreased muscle tone). If Covid-19 won’t allow him to go to therapy, we’ll bring his therapy to him.

Dear Bianca’s Kids:
Our wish for Giovanni is to have a swimming pool that he can do physical therapy in, Giovanni has down syndrome and cannot continue his normal therapy at DuPont (Hospital), until covid-19 is under control because he is susceptible to being in danger of Covid-19. Because of his Down Syndrome and heart problems. Giovanni has been at home with me (mom) since March 1st when we first heard of the outbreak. We have tried to purchase a swimming pool on our own but also due to the outbreak they are gone and the ones left are astronomical for our family to purchase.
Thank you,

Dear Alora,
We are thrilled to grant this much needed wish for Giovanni. Your backyard will look like an oasis very soon with the pool pictured below. This will provide Giovanni access to the therapy he needs right in his own backyard. Oh, and a little much needed relaxation in the sun and pool for the rest of your family.