We introduced you to little Kayden, a 3 yr old double amputee, 5 yrs ago. This precious boy is now 8 and still dealing with so many medical issues/surgeries. This child and his family have been through SO MUCH. We are raising money to help Kaden’s family as they are plagued with medical bills and travel fees to see specialists etc. If you have a healthy child, please find it in your heart to pay it forward with a donation for Kayden’s medical bills.

According to Kayden’s mom Nicole:
Most recently he’s had 5 reoccurring leg infections. We are traveling this weekend to a new infectious disease doctor because after 13 surgeries and 27 days in the hospital, and a plastic surgeon closing the area, a new infection breaks out and he needs to be opened up again after it’s healed. The doctors can’t figure it out. So we are forced to see “out of pocket doctors” to find the cause and cure!

A Secure, tax-deductible donation can be made to Kayden’s medical bills via this link.


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