WISH GRANTED – Orphaned teen caring for younger brother gets much needed SUV from Bianca’s Kids. Meet today’s wish recipient Brandon Anderberg.

Here’s the wish we received:

Dear BK,
My wish for Brandon is a used car. He will need it to get to and from college as well as doing his school work. Brandon has been dealt a hard hand. His dad passed away at 5 and his mom passed away less then a week after his 18th birthday this past November. Brandon’s mom had a very hard time with three small children after her husband passed. Brandon has 2 brothers, one older & one younger.  Through it all they persevered. They are the sweetest, kindest boys I have ever met. They are very shy and never ask for anything. Brandon’s senior year has not been as imagined. He lost his mom, a pandemic and most senior privileges cancelled. I would love to see him be able to start college on a better note. I appreciate any and all help you can provide. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read his story. Stay safe and we’ll.

Melissa Ferro
(Brandon’s Best Friend’s Mom)