Wish Granted for precious baby with Down Syndrome so she can resume her disrupted therapy

Here is the wish we received:
Dear Bianca’s Kids:

Hello there, My name is Linda Khounthy, and I have a 2.5 yr old name Lily with Trisomy 21 also known as Down syndrome. Lily has been working hard with Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and speech therapy for over a year now and although we were getting services once a week we still have not met some milestones just yet. Lily is such a beautiful strong and able little girl but her low muscle tone gets in her way of reaching our goals. we are not able to walk on our own just yet but we are trying everyday. We have not been having our therapy for almost 2 months now and with pre school coming at the end of the year I would like for her to be able to participate and learn in school. If it is possible I would like to request a special swing for our home so we can work on our goals with balancing so she could be more confident to walk I would be forever grateful. We used a plateform swing for therapy to work on balance and unlocking her knees and its used many different ways and i would love to continue to work with it in our home so we could at least be some what close in milestones with our peers. The website for the swing is called especialneeds.com and the item is swing around 2 in 1 spinning platform.
Thank you,
We are thrilled to grant this wish for Lily. We know how important it is for her therapy to continue and this 2 in 1 special needs swing will help get Lily back on track. Enjoy!
Bianca’s Kids