Dear Bianca’s Kids:
Lynnie has ADHD, Bipolar and Sensory Processing Issues. She is extremely emotional and confused with not being able to go to school, see her friends or go to the park.

I am really just hoping to get her some new toys/ craft items to help occupy her time. Not going to school or being able to go to parks, see friends, etc., has been very hard on her. I have tried to keep her busy and do crafts with her. It has been hard because I am not working right now. She also finally went up a size in clothes(she had issues gaining weight) & I have been trying to get her new clothes with the little bit I do make donating plasma! She doesn’t understand why we cant do “normal” things- she doesn’t do well with change. She likes anything craft/ writing related-Journals,colored paper, pens, colored pencils, markers, pipe cleaners, beads, pompoms, glitter, clay, paint, etc. She really likes LOL dolls right now, they’re just a little pricy for me when I’m trying to get her clothes too.She LOVES anything to do with outside/water. I was able to get her a small pool a few months ago that I put up and gave her on Easter& I plan to fine her a new Bathing suit soon. Thank you so much for even considering us & doing this for kids/ families.
Dear Sarah,
We are happy to grant your wish for Lynnie. We’re going to turn Lynnie’s frown upside down! Here is everything we are sending her:

1 Awesome LOL Doll!
3 pairs black shorts
3 pairs gray shorts
6 new shirts/tops
1 Unicorn bathing suit
1 LOL fashion plates toy set
1 600 piece jewelry craft set
1 Crayola “All that Glitters” Art Set

Hope this helps relieve you of some financial pressure and brings Lynnie some joy  at the same time.

Congrats on getting your wish granted.