WISH GRANTED for 6 yr old who has already endured a dozen surgeries. Meet Ezekiel.

Dear Bianca’s Kids,

Ezekiel is 6 and a true survivor story. He was born premature at only six months but that was just the start of his journey. He also was discovered to be born with n.e.c, Which is an intestinal disease that slowly but eventually deteriorates the bowel.  He also was given a trach very early on and had to be on a ventilator. He’s already had over a dozen surgeries in his short life and in the beginning was given a very low chance of survival but with the blessing of God he pushed through and survived it all and is still here today for his sixth birthday. I know he will definitely be here for 100 more birthdays to come. He has been through so much pain and suffering but has fallen through it all and has coming on top he is literally a soldier in my eyes and a miracle all in one.

My wish for Zeek would be for an IPad  because he loves the iPad that he uses in the hospital to watch educational videos and I feel this will definitely expand his learning capacity.

Thank you,
Zeek’s daddy

Dear Zeek’s Daddy,
We are thrilled to grant this wish for you and Zeek. We have ordered an iPad and a durable cover which will be delivered to Zeek in the next couple days. Enjoy!

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